Nomination as ERASMUS+  Student in the University of Thessaly

You can apply to the University of Thessaly (UTH- G VOLOS 01)) as an exchange student for a 3-12 months period  (for studies) and for 2-12 months period (for Placement)  either in Winter (WS) or/and in  Spring Semester(SS).

To be regarded as an exchange student it is necessary that:

  • there is a current bilateral agreement between your Home University and the University of Thessaly. The mobility will not be possible if there isn't an  Erasmus + Agreement between both Universities in the specific subject area. 
  • your Home Erasmus Coordinator nominates you for studies  in the University of Thessaly,


  • Student's Name and Surname
  • Student's e-mail 
  • Student's Date of birth      
  • Male-Female
  • Length of the Period of Stay ( WS/SS/Full Year)
  • Department and Level of Studies (Under-/Postgraduate)


Nominations have to take into account the rules established by the bilateral agreements (number of students per Department e.t.c.).


We won't send you back any Acceptance Letter unless if you ask for this.


If there is a disagreement concerning the nomination, WE will contact you.


University of Thessaly Argonafton & Filellinon, 38221 Volos, +30 24210 74000