The five University Cities


Greece (Hellas) consists of

1.the mainland ( Macedonia, Thrace, Epirus, Thessaly, Peloponnese, Sterea Ellada),
2.Crete and the islands of the Ionian and the Aegean Sea. Its population is approximately 11 million people. Mild winters and warm summers are very common and it is not an exaggeration to say that the sun in Greece shines for more than 3.000 hours all over the year!
Greece is well known for its long and rich history throughout centuries, for its famous artists, architects, poets, writers and philosophers, for the Olympic Games, for its museums, its archaeological sites and its historic monuments. Try to enjoy your stay in Greece and be sure that this stay will certainly be an unforgettable experience.

Thessaly consists of four major cities:

- Lamia: (Fthiotida Prefecture/ Region of Sterea Ellada)

The University of Thessaly has its Departments/Faculties in all five cities. The Administration Center/Building of the University of Thessaly is located in Volos.

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