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Thessaly is located in Central Greece and it can easily reached by train or bus, given the fact that there is no international airport in neither of the five cities of the University of Thessaly. The two international airports closest to Thessaly are in Elefterios Venizelos International Airport-Athens and in Macedonia Airport-Thessaloniki. The connections (by bus or train) from Athens or Thessaloniki are very frequent and will bring you directly to the host cities of the University.


Elefterios Venizelos International Airport-Athens

ATHENS-THESSALY (Distance in Kms)
Athens-Volos: 324 km
Athens-Larissa: 362 km 
Athens-Karditsa: 309 km 
Athens-Trikala: 331 km                                         

Athens-Lamia:214 Km     

For more Info you may also see: Athens Transport Website                                        

 Macedonia International Airport-Thessaloniki


Thessaloniki-Volos: 218 km
Thessaloniki-Larissa: 158 km
Thessaloniki-Karditsa: 218 km

Thessaloniki-Trikala:220 km                                                                                  

Thessaloniki-Lamia:294 Km

How to get to Volos

  • Volos by Car

Volos is the heart of Greece and easily accessible. A drive from Athens takes about 3 hours (330 km) and a drive from Thessaloniki takes about 2 hours (212 km). The highway connecting all three cities is modern and comfortable.

  •  Volos by airplane

 Flights directly to Volos

The Nea Anchialos National airport is a small airport located 27km south-west of the city, about half an hour drive from the city of Volos. Its carriers fly direct into destinations such as: Geneva, London, Amsterdam, Manchester, Vienna, Paris, Prague and Luxemburg. There are KTEL buses connecting the airport with the city, or you can take a taxi.

 For more information on the airport:

 For more information on KTEL:

 Flights to Athens and public transportation to Volos

The Athens Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport is located 27 km east of the city of Athens. A large number of European and International carriers fly direct into Athens. The airport has excellent public transit connections to the city. From the airport you may use:  Metro/Bus service or taxi.

There are two alternative ways to go from Athens to Volos: 
By intercity train: From the Athens airport, using metro or taxi (not bus), you should get off at “St. Larissis” (on the red metro line) and get a train ticket to Volos. You will need to change over at the city of Larissa (same ticket).
For more information on the train service:
By intercity bus: From the Athens airport, using bus X93 or taxi (not metro), you should get off at “St. Ypera/kon Leof. Liosion” and get a direct ticket to Volos. The bus schedule for Volos-Athens and Athens-Volos is everyday of the week.

For more information on the bus service:

 Flights to Thessaloniki and public transportation to Volos

 Flights to Thessaloniki are available by many airlines from various parts of Europe. There are direct flights to Thessaloniki from London, Milan, Munich, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Zurich, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Larnaca, Istanbul and various others European cities. During summer months there are also many charter flights, especially from cities in Germany and the UK.

 From the airport, you may use: 
Bus service: The airport is served by a 24-hour bus service from Thessaloniki Urban Transport Organization. On arrival at the Macedonia International Airport Terminal of Thessaloniki you can use the bus Line 78 (or Line 78N during night hours), route Airport - KTEL /central bus station, which goes directly to the city center.
Taxi: The cars are easily recognized because they are all blue and white with illuminated sign marked "TAXI" on top. The cost to the bus station should be about €20-25. 

 There are two alternative ways to go from Thessaloniki to Volos:

 By intercity bus: Timetable information and online booking can be found at

 By intercity train: Timetable information can be found at

 The bus schedule for Volos -Thessaloniki and Thessaloniki-Volos is (everyday and weekends: . The trip is 2.30 hours approx.


Taxi services: If your flight arrive very late in the evening or very early in the morning and you don't want to spend a night in a hotel in Athens or in Thessaloniki  you can also take a taxi to Volos. You can ask for a taxi reservation in our Office, as soon as you know the exact date and hour of arrival. By taxi you can reach Volos from Athens in about 3 hours and it costs around 200 Euros  (if you are the only passenger in the taxi) or 50 Euros (if there are more passengers) and you can reach Volos from Thessaloniki in about 2 hours and it costs around 150 Euros  (if you are the only passenger in the taxi) or 50 Euros ( if there are more passengers).Travelling by taxi is perfectly safe in Greece. For taxi reservation please contact the IRO: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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