Teaching Language


The official teaching language is Greek. However, the academic coordinators and the tutors often use other languages in order to facilitate the academic work of the ERASMUS students (bibliography, tutoring and exams). When there is a critical number of foreign incoming students, then  in some Departments(Dep. Of Economics) courses will be offered in English as well or in French (Dep. of Civil Engineering and Dep. οf Planning and Regional Development). If not,Erasmus students will have private sessions with the tutors who will organize and offer guidance to students' private study. In this case  the assessment of the courses will be with the help of assignments  arranged by the tutors or  in some cases  even with exams taken in english.

Students wishing to study at the University of Thessaly as Erasmus Students should be able to follow university lectures in English or Greek, participate in seminar discussions and understand written material in their field. In addition, most courses require writing essays and research papers. This means that applicants should be at least B1 level users of the English Language. These requirements do not apply to students whose language skills are good enough to carry out their studies in Greek.

 Incoming students can get information concerning academic issues, entering each Department’s web-site. For specific information that is not mentioned in the site, the student should address to the Erasmus Academic Coordinator of the relevant Department.

As most  other European universities the University of Thessaly uses the ECTS credit system.

ECTS credits are numerical values allocated to course units to describe the student workload required to complete them in the form of lectures, practical wrok, seminars, individual work and examinations or other assessment activities.

In the ECTS system, 60 ECTS credits represent the workload of a full academic year of study.

Credits are awarded only whe all required examinations have been passed.

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