On Sunday 22/3/2020, the Greek Prime Minister announced a total nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19. According to the announcement we are only allowed to go out with special permission. Each time you go out you have to state it to the authorities and it has to be for specific purpose. Greece’s Civil Protection uploaded the Movement Permits during the total lockdown also in English.

Movement and transportation of individuals in order to meet their needs that cannot be otherwise met are permitted only for the following reasons:

  • Travel to and from work during working hours.
  • Going to the pharmacy or to the doctor provided this is necessary, further to telephone consultation.
  • Going to the super market, mini market for basic necessities, if delivery is not possible.
  • Going to the bank if the necessary transaction is not possible online.
  • Going to assist someone in need.
  • Attending a ceremony (e.g. funeral, wedding, christening) as per the relevant legislation; maintaining parent-child contact in case of divorced or separated parents as per relevant legislation.
  • Exercising outdoors or walking a pet. If accompanied by another individual, then there should be a 1.5 metres distance between the two.

In order to issue a single-use extraordinary movement permit (type B), there are three options available: through a printed one-time single-use movement permit, through an SMS text message or through a handwritten permit.

1. The document “Extraordinary Movement Permit” printed (type B) is signed by the individual and includes the name, date of birth, home address, and time of departure of the individual, as well as the specific reason of the move and / or transportation.

2. SMS text message

You can send an SMS text message from your mobile phone to 13033, free of charge

The SMS text message must be in the following format:

X [blank] full name [blank] home address

where X is the required movement and / or transportation reason with the number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, corresponding to the list below:
  1. Going to the pharmacy or visiting a Medical Doctor, in the case that this is recommended after consultation.
  2. Going to a supply store in operation (super markets, mini markets etc), which can not ship or deliver its goods.
  3. Going to the bank, when electronic transactions are not possible.
  4. Going to help people in need.
  5. Going to a ceremony (e.g., funeral, marriage, baptism) under the conditions provided by law; or movement of divorced or legally separated parents in the context of parental responsibility, custody, or visiting rights in accordance with the applicable provisions.
  6. Physical exercise in an open space or for a pet’s needs; individually or up to 2 people. In the latter case, a minimum distance of 1.5 meters must be kept at all times.

You will receive the following text back:

Transportation [blank] X [blank] full name and home address.

3. Handwritten Note

The handwritten form must contain the following information:

  1. Full Name
  2. Home Address
  3. Reason for moving within the above permitted categories and destination address
  4. Date, Time, Signature

Individuals must carry their ID or passport at all times with them together with a completed transportation certificate (printed or handwritten) or a confirmation SMS in order to produce it during a routine check.

permits source: Greek Civil Protection website