Nomination & Application Procedure from the Home University

Home University has to nominate the selected students - under an active  Inter - Institutional Agreement with the University of Thessaly, in the specific subject area - to the International Relations Office sending the selection procedure and


Students can apply to the University of Thessaly (G VOLOS01) for a 2-12 month period of studies or traineeship, either for the Winter Semester (WS) or/and for the Spring Semester (SS).

Nomination Deadlines for long-term mobility (Studies)

  • 30th of June for students who will attend the Winter Semester
    30th of November for students who will attend the Spring Semester.

After the nomination, we will send an invitation letter and an e-mail with further instructions on how to proceed.

Grant procedure 

At least one month before the mobility starts, the student must prepare and send to the UTH International Relations Office the following:

  1. The Learning Agreement document (1st part-before the mobility part), signed by the student and the coordinators of both Institutions. Sets out the study programme to be followed by the student, defines the target learning outcomes and specifies the formal recognition provisions.
  2. The Grant Agreement document, must be sent filled to us. It sets out the financial support and payment arrangements to the student. The agreement must be signed  during your visit to UTH. Two copies with original signatures on all pages are required.
  3. Official document of your active bank account stating, account holder, IBAN and bank swift code. The student must be the beneficiary in this account.
  4. Photocopy of ID, Passport and VISA (if needed), which must cover the whole mobility period.
  5. Copy of the airplane tickets and receipt.
  6. Copy of the Health insurance contract, which must cover the whole mobility period.
  7. Addiotionally, the students who visit UTH for traineeship have to send us a copy of their insurance for a) Civil Liability and b) Personal Accident, which must cover the whole mobility period.
  8. Online Linguistic Support (OLS). [How you will procced]. In case that English is your mother language, you do not need to fill the OLS Test (It is not required in short -term mobility till 15 days).


Students should also take into consideration that changes concerning courses may occur. The University reserves the right to cancel or modify any courses due to unforeseen circumstances.

Erasmus Students can change their Learning Agreement, if necessary, with the approval of both Universities. You can use the During the Mobility Part of the L.A. and you have to give a copy of your new L.A. to the Secretariat of your Department as well.

At the end of the period abroad

- The Learning Agreement  - Transcript of records (3rd part- after the mobility) document must be completed by the Departmental Secretary, signed and sent to the International Relations Offices of both Institutions.

- A Confirmation of Attendance document that states the exact days that the student attended, will be given to the student.

- Boarding passes

- The student will be required to submit a final report. He/She will receive the report by email at the end of the mobility period. It is mandatory that mobility periods are recognized by both higher education institutions as stipulated in the Inter-institutional Agreement and in the Learning Agreement. The sending Institution must fully recognize the activities successfully completed by the student during the mobility, and register them in the student's Transcript of Records. The submission of the report will trigger the payment of the final grant instalment to the student.


Long  - term mobility: Students from Partner Countries may receive a monthly contribution to their expenses abroad of EUR 850. Each selected individual participant will get a travel contribution based on the distance from the sending to the receiving institution.

Participation in Blended Intensive Programs/ *Short-term mobillity: the daily contribution is 79EUR. Each selected individual participant will get a travel contribution based on the distance from the sending to the receiving institution.

*Short mobility should be combined with a virtual component in order to award at least 3 ECTS

Important Note: The amount of your grant is transferred from the account of UTH at your bank account. Please mind that any costs arising from transactions (transfer, currency conversion, remittances, request processing fees (10EUROS), etc.) are borne by the staff himself.

Distance is calculated using the distance calculator of the European Commission's tool:

 Distance  Amount
10-99 km  20 EUROS per participant
 100-499 km  180 EUROS per participant
 500-1999 km  275 EUROS per participant
 2000-2999 km  360 EUROS per participant
 3000-3999 km  530 EUROS per participant
 4000-7999 km  820 EUROS per participant
 8000 and more  1500 EUROS per participant