You can apply to the University of Thessaly (G VOLOS01) as an exchange student for a 3-12 month period of studies either for the Winter Semester (WS) or/and for the Spring Semester (SS).

To be regarded as an exchange student it is necessary:

  • for a Bilateral Agreement between your Home University and the University of Thessaly to already be in effect. The mobility is not possible if there is not a previously signed Erasmus+ Bilateral Agreement between both Universities in the specific subject area.
  • your Home Erasmus Coordinator to nominate you for the studies period in the University of Thessaly,


  • Student's Name and Surname
  • Student's e-mail 
  • Student's Date of birth      
  • Male/Female
  • Length of the Period of Stay ( WS/SS/Full Year)
  • Department and Level of Studies (Under-/Postgraduate)
  • Nominators have to take into account the rules established by the bilateral agreements (number of students per Department e.t.c.)


Please keep in mind that:

  • We won't send you back any Acceptance Letter unless you specifically ask. We will send an acceptance e-mail with further instructions on how to proceed. 
  • If there is a problem concerning the nomination, WE will contact you.


Nomination Deadlines

  • 30th of June for students who will attend the Winter Semester or the Full Academic Year.
  • 30th of November for students who will attend the Spring Semester.